Person you know it's in 2K 21 contract

bestrsgoldfast, Fri, 01/08/2021 - 01:11

Theyre treating stadia variant such as the PC model its so fucked up they simply care about following gen they even ceased working on patches for old gen out of what I heard.

Been waiting for the rosters to update all week. Was not sure if this was on the Stadia ending or 2K end.Person you know it's in 2K 21 contract with the NBA that Zion has to have more cards that any other player despite having played not even a third of a season yet.

That is Bron though. Bron has earned all those cards by being the greatest player of his generation and among the greatest EVER. Zion already has 6 different cards such as his 3 free agent cards.

Lmao I forgot about the FA cards lol, yeah Zion is dry humped by 2k a whole lot.

And yet they did nothing to get Kobe. .Do we know what their deal looks like in regards to Kobe? Like I know last year once he passed they needed to renegotiate the rights together with his estate to be able to bring the G.O.A.T Kobe. I'm interested if they have free reign to make as many Kobe cards since they want this season or if it is a limited amount kind of deal because it's strange they haven't busted out a diamond yet even though we're well into PD's.

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