How to Fix Computer Error Loading Operating System Problem

Jerry Matt, Thu, 09/10/2020 - 09:14

Learn the process to Fix Computer Error Loading Operating System Problem
Many of the users have reported serious instances of computer error loading operating system due to incorrect settings of BIOS and CMOS. But not a big deal now, here you will see all the required solutions to fix this issue.
Configure your BIOS and CMOS properly
If your operating system prompts a message “ Error in loading system”, then you must update your motherboard BIOS with the help of a manual or manufacturer’s website.
Alternatively, go to CMOS setup to detect the hard drive easily and change the access mode to LBA to add potential support for the large capacity hard drive.
Fix the issue of Harddrive partition
Sometimes incorrect hard drive settings or inappropriate partitions are the reason in the loading operating system, which includes the partition table, and MBR error. Let’s get into the details to fix this issue.
• First, create a bootable CD/DVD on your other system.
• Following above, create an MBR fix in the Boot crash solution.
• If the error persists, you must use the Partition Genius in the disk management tab to partition the hard drive before installing a window in the system.
Fix by using CHKDSK command prompt
• First, move to the command prompt window.
• Next, type chkdsk C:/r.
• Hit the run button.
• If you found the partition is in use, then you will be asked to run the operation in another system.
• Type Y and press enter.
• In the last step, restart the system.

Besides, above all the information to fix issue of the operating system loading process,