How do veterinary software programs work?

Spencer, Thu, 12/03/2020 - 11:52

Veterinary Software programs are nothing but Practice management Solutions used for managing day to day activities of a Veterinary Clinic in Organized ways. The purpose of Veterinary Software is to make Veterinarians’ life easy by freeing them up from Administrative works.


Most veterinary software comes with these modules

● EMRs (Electronic Medical Records)
● Appointment Scheduler, Calendar & Automated Reminders
● Billing, Accounting & Invoicing
● Communication module including Emails, SMS & Chat
● Client & Patient Database
● Integration options with different veterinary modalities (Labs, Payment Gateways, Microchips, etc.)
● Cloud-based platform
● Reporting & Analytics

How does veterinary software work?

The work of Veterinary Software starts right when a client comes to the clinic with his pet. The staff at the front desk registers the client & patient details in the software and then books the appointment with the provider. Then the provider gets a notification that a patient is waiting for a checkup so he/she gets ready. During the checkup, the assistant enters the Vitals of the patient like species, breed, color, weight, encounter details, etc. Then the receptionist generates the invoice & processes the transaction through the software. Finally, after the patient leaves the clinic, the client receives periodic reminders for routine checkups, vaccinations, etc. These are the basic functions of PMS although there are many more functionalities in the modern-day VPMS.

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