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Fortnite is a free-to-play shot that bandwagoned about an emerging genre's prevalence and became the hottest video game on planet Earth. To people of standpoint or a certain age, Fortnite reflects.But we're wrong. It is all bullshit. Probably. Fortnite is'90s hip and we are the old dads who refuse to change our car radio. ("But children, they can't even sing.For a generation that grew up playing video games, Fortnite is a stark reminder that things never change.

Or -- more exactly -- things constantly change. That is the constant. Across all media on each spectrum that is possible. Fortnite is the representation of moderate that has grown, evolved and splintered.In summary: Fortnite isn't for you, but that's OK. Video games haven't been outgrown by you, you're probably too old for this specific kind of game to make any sort of sense. Red Dead Redemption 2 exists. God Of War still exists. Other video games still exist.

And Fortnite? Well, Fortnite is nice! That is all fine. Video games may be anything and what. There is certainly room in this party for a zeitgeist-capturing encounter such as Fortnite, even if I personally don't understand it.And the kids? When they are exposing themselves onto a trampoline the kids are alright.Holidays are becoming a big deal in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Last year they came and went with little more than a unique skin along with the strange graphical change to grenade launchers, but last year was a really different time for what is currently one of the greatest games at the world For Halloween we watched

Fortnitemares, an experiment I would have thought technically impossible until I saw an island that already had 100 players on it bombarded by several times that amount from zombies. Thanksgiving didn't see much, but lots of matches bypass it. Today, Christmas is nearly upon usand I'm going to predict that since the possible here is unlike every other day of this year, Epic is going to once again go out.

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