The Done team is proud to announce the launch of Done Project Management Software. It has been the result of a ten years experience and the culmination of three years of software development.

Our vision is to make project management easy, efficient and quick. We want to provide a clear visibility to employees to help them organize and quantify their working time.

The goal is to help you:

  • Automatically track time
  • Get a better collaboration among team members.
  • Have a clear visibility on projects.
  • Keep a complete history of projects.
  • Detect malfunctions.
  • Breakdown the work into tickets and tasks.
  • Plan projects.
  • Get a real-time overview of all projects and team members.

The main challenge managing projects is to accurately track the time spent and have an accurate history of what has been done. This enables you to assess whether the project was profitable and identify what went wrong. This is essential to know what action is needed to be made and at which level.  

Currently, Done is in beta version, and it’s evolving! Many new features are under development, and the to-do list keeps on growing. Please help us by giving your opinion and we will be happy to work on it to provide you with a better experience.


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